We were once so young

Until you are becoming old,
you will never be aware that you were once so young,
oh~ so young.

And you will recall that
when you were young,
you had said some words
you will not dare to say them again;

you had taken some actions  you will not dare to take them again; and/or
you had get engaged with some people
you will not dare to engage with them again...

Or there may be some past moments
you will not dare at all to recall them again.


Mark Knopfler - 
Laughs and Jokes and Drinks and Smokes - 
Cologne Lanxess Arena - 21 June 2015

Laughs and jokes
And drinks and smokes
And no lights on the stairs
We were young, so young
And always broke
Not that we ever cared
Not that we ever cared

Well, the holes in the walls
Were such a lot
Welcome to London town
But when you’re new to it all
And you think you’re hot
You’re not planning on hanging around
People would go on their different ways
I left to start a band
A note came through the letter box
In your childlike hand

Oh, laughs and jokes
And drinks and smokes
And no lights on the stairs
We were young, so young
And always broke
Not that we ever cared
Not that we ever cared

One day I rode to where you were
The doorbell jangled a note
They buzzed me in
I climbed the stairs
In my boots and leather coat
There’s an old brass
Standing there at the top
Without her witch’s broom
It almost seemed like a knocking shop
When the girls came out of their rooms

And they all stood around
And stared at me
Two brunettes and a blonde
Then the old brass shrugged and said
We don’t know where she’s gone
Later on I picked up the ball
And I took off down the line
I suppose by then I’d realised
You’d run into hard times

Oh, laughs and jokes
And drinks and smokes
And no lights on the stairs
We were young, so young
And always broke
Not that we ever cared
Not that we ever cared

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Arbitrary Arbitration

 Arbitration as a means of resolving
disputes or conflicts between different parties, 
its strong power of resolution 
arises from its flexibility to 
bypass the rigid application of law, 
or the tedious proceedings in court.

For matters not involving financial interest much , 
it can be muddled through lightly or exaggeratedly, 
so that it can allow the one party who wants to win the case to have a virtual feeling of winning; and 
at the same time allow the other party who also wants to win the case to have a virtual feeling of winning. 

So let both of them win!  

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Unfortunate Coincidence In Life

Sometimes, we will have some happenings in life 
that are of unfortunate coincidence.

For example, I have my new girl friend with her birthday
same as that of my first lover
whom I love much more.

So each time when I celebrate
with my new girl friend her birthday,
I am at the same time reminded of my first lover's birthday
and all our happy moments which I miss very much.

Having two girl friends with the same birthday
is quite a rare coincidence in terms of probability
but it still happens!

 To me, it is quite an unfortunate coincidence.

To avoid this unhappy state of mind on the particular day of their birthday,  I can choose to celebrate the birthday
of my new girl friend not on the birthday day.
However, such an arrangement will
make my new girl friend unhappy
though I will be less unhappy.

So I continue to celebrate the birthday
of my new girl friend on her birthday day.

What a torture to me~


Fiona Apple - Shadowboxer


The expiry date of LOVE

If you feel comfortable,
some food such as canned food or frozen food
can still be consumed
even after their expiry date.

Some outlets even collect such food past their expiry dates
to resell in lower prices safely.
And such market can well exist!

What about love?
Say, the love between he and she!
Can their love still exist beyond its expiry date?

It depends on who he is and who she is! 

So, what about you and me!
Can our love still exist beyond its expiry date?

* * * 
Emily Kinney - Expired Love


The Field of Battle between the God and the Devil

Devil is in the details.

If details are ignored,

The devil in the details will cause you lots of troubles,

who may even fail all your actions.

*  *  *

God is also in the details

If details are ignored,

The god in the details cannot be called up to help you,

who may not able to help you even he intends to.

*  *  *

Take care of the details!

Let's see either the God or the Devil 

wins the battle in the details!

* * * 

Regina Spektor - Laughing With




To Keep the Mind Clean

Our brains are effective in generating rubbish
during their daily functioning by  
producing a lot of negative thoughts
that are useless or even harmful.

 But our brains are not effective in removing rubbish 
and therefore traces of various thoughts
are gradually accumulating in our minds.

 As we are aging, quite a few traces of negative thoughts
will accumulate to such an extent that 
they will adversely affect our positive ways 
of leading our life and fair attitude towards others.

Old acquaintances will find us 
badly different from the past.

So better to remove rubbish in our minds.

By my experience, 

the best way to remove those rubbish is 
to create new thoughts of similar contents,
new thoughts will effectively eliminate 
those traces of past similar thoughts! 

For example, falling in love with a new girl friend will
eliminate disheartening thoughts of ex-girl friend(s).

So if your new girl friend makes you unhappy always,
change her for another newer one!


Bread - Aubrey

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Coming Across Each Other at the Sydney Harbour (Touring Sensation)

I climbed up the Sydney Harbour Bridge
looking down for the view of the Sydney Opera House.

The scene with the Sydney Opera House
was so beautiful looking from here!
Sydney Opera House (2015)

I knew that there should be
someone around the Sydney Opera House 
looking up to my spot for
the view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

She might be saying the same that the scene with
the Sydney Harbour Bridge 
was so beautiful looking from here!

*  *  *
We were virtually looking at each other at either spot,
appreciating each other for some reasons.


James Blunt - You are beautiful

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Sunset at Tasmania of Australia in Winter (Touring Sensation)

Sunset by itself is not lonesome.
Winter by itself is not lonesome.
Time flying by itself is not lonesome.
Sunset plus winter plus time flying as a whole is very lonesome.
The sky is turning dark within seconds.
To cure the lonesome feel, can't wait to go back to hotel 
 to turn on the light and TV...

Sunset at Hobart, Tasmania, Australia 
Skylar Grey - Winter in Me

When the autumn colors pass
Through the season's hourglass
Once again, there is winter in me

When November's grass is browned
By the frost upon the ground
It is then, you'll find the winter in me
But underneath the fallen snow
Lies a harvest yet to come
For just as spring is guaranteed
Life is etched into the seed
Time to welcome the winter in me



Old Men and Young Boys

There is rarely an old man who says a little.

Usually, an old man always like to tell you about his past achievements, if any, his past encounters, his past experience, and from all which the wisdom drawn and concluded.

There is rarely a young boy who likes to listen to an old man's words.

Usually, a young boy always treats an old man and his stuff outdated and outmoded.

In fact, most of the old men talk nonsense and most of the young boys are too rebellious to listen.

In result, there is rarely an old man of wisdom who can meet a young boy with wisdom to learn.

Neil Young - Old Man